Teeth Whitening

Brightening Your Smile

A white, bright smile is not only attractive; it can make you appear friendlier, younger, and more professional. We offer treatments that are effective and can help you achieve the smile you want. Plus, you’ll receive dependable, professional advice about whitening and avoiding stains.

Lumineux is the line of whitening products that we sell at our office that our own team loves to use that were made by a dentist and toxin free. Lumineux whitening strips whiten your teeth without the sensitivity using only naturally derived ingredients and powerful essential oils that remove staining without damaging enamel. The potent mineral content actually strengthens enamel to protect teeth against the daily exposure to color in many healthy foods and beverages. The strips are peroxide-free, making this the 1st clinically proven whitening strip product on the market that is safe for daily use.

We offer Lumineux whitening strips, sensitive toothpaste, drymouth rinse and kids’ toothpaste.  For our patients that don’t want fluoride, this is a great option as we respect everyone’s views on their healthcare.

The Lumineux  products that we offer in our office.
Our Teeth Whitening Information Flyer.

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