Preventative Dentistry

A Little Prevention Can Go a Long Way

Regular preventative care can help spare you from serious dental problems in the future as well as help your family’s budget. Seamless Dentistry is your affordable dentist in Kannapolis and Concord, NC, and Dr. Todd cares about value for his patients. Here are some of the preventative treatments we offer.

Dental Cleanings

Professional cleanings twice a year aid in removing built-up tartar and plaque. We get all the nooks and crannies where no toothbrush can go, and stop potential problems before they need more extensive treatment.


Your biannual cleaning also gives Dr. Todd the opportunity to perform an extensive exam. During this examination, he will look for trouble of any sort – decay, misalignment, infection, signs of oral cancer, and more.


Dr. Todd is a skilled and respected dentist, but even he can’t see inside a tooth without x-rays. Seamless Dentistry makes use of digital x-rays as these are quicker than old-fashioned film radiographs, use far less radiation, and produce less waste. These x-rays can help spot problems too small to see with the naked eye and help with identification of jaw and tooth issues.

Fluoride Treatments

The fluoride you receive through our local Concord and Kannapolis water systems may not be enough to protect your teeth from damage, even with brushing twice each day. Fluoride is incredibly important for strong, decay-resistant teeth, especially in children. Dr. Todd offers concentrated fluoride treatments that are quick, comfortable, and great for cavity prevention.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer doesn’t discriminate and can strike any patient. For this reason, we recommend receiving an oral cancer screening at least once per year. Dr. Todd uses the Oral ID system to check for cancerous or potentially cancerous tissue. This tool employs a fluorescent blue light to help scan for areas of concern.

Don’t put off your regular visits. Your family’s dental health is just too important. Contact us at (704) 938-0559 today.