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Finding The Best Dentist In Mooresville NC

Selecting a reputable dentist is often a difficult task. Nonetheless, understanding how to approach your search, and what factors to be aware of, will give you a big advantage. Ensuring that you use the best dentist is no small undertaking, and it normally takes time to filter out the less suitable candidates. When looking for a dentist in Mooresville NC, always check for the following things:

  • Emergency service provision
  • Flexible opening hours
  • Board qualifications
  • Approachable staff
  • Reviews from patients
  • Highly experienced
  • How far the dentist’s office is from your workplace or house
  • Whether the dentist has been subject to any disciplinary action by the board or state
  • Whether pain killers and anesthetics are offered in the dentist’s office
  • Whether the dentist uses the latest technology, and is familiar with industry developments
  • Which type of insurance is permitted
  • Payment options

Options for Sedation

You should be mindful of the sedation options on offer, when hunting for a dentist in Mooresville NC. Many people are anxious at dentist appointments, so a good dentist will provide sedation services for those people. Some dentists allow patients to make themselves comfortable with blankets, televisions and pillows. Frequently, a range of sedation drugs will be available, to ease the nerves of patients during procedures or examinations.

One type of medication that is regularly used in dentistry is laughing gas, or nitrous oxide. This sedation medication is extremely safe. It enables patients to stay awake and it only has minor side effects. Once they have inhaled this gas, patients relax and become calmer almost straightaway. After their treatment has finished, patients spend several minutes inhaling pure oxygen, to counteract the effect of the laughing gas. No discomfort is involved and no needles are used with laughing gas – just a mask covering the nose.

Dental patients with severe anxiety frequently opt for oral conscious sedation. With this technique, patients swallow an oral sedation tablet, before visiting the dentist’s office. The tablet enables you to feel relaxed and calm throughout your appointment, and you can use laughing gas as well if required. After taking this tablet, you will stay fully conscious throughout your treatment. Nonetheless, somebody will have to drive you from and to the dentist’s office.


Dental treatment can be costly. Actually, the cost is what prevents lots of people from receiving the treatment that they desperately require. Seamless Dentistry is a dental provider that understands the budgetary concerns of patients. We charge affordable prices for dental treatment and offer the following payment options:

  • HSAs (Health Savings Accounts)
  • In house financing plans via CareCredit for patients who qualify
  • Credit and debit cards
  • FSA (Flex Savings Accounts)

We can assist you if you are not insured. For patients with no insurance, we provide x rays free of charge on your initial appointment. Furthermore, you can use our in house financing plan to lessen the burden on your wallet.

As well as these options and offers, we provide a five percent price reduction to US military soldiers and their relatives. This applies to both veterans and active troops, along with their families.

The Technology we use

The importance of technology can not be overstated in modern dentistry. It facilitates increased comfort for patients, improved diagnostics and more accurate dental treatment. Our offices use the latest technology to deliver the best possible dental treatment to patients. Here are the technologies we use:

The Intraoral Camera

This clever device is used to educate patients and diagnose problems. Patients get the same view of the inside of their mouths as their dentist. This allows them to better understand what is happening.

X rays in Digital Format

These types of x rays enable us to rapidly gauge your dental health and the condition of your teeth. Digital x rays do not need chemical processing and produce less radiation.

Lasers for Soft Tissue

We use lasers for dental treatment, instead of sutures and scalpels. This reduces pain and the time required for treatment and healing.

The Isolite System

We use this system in a few different ways. It provides patients with a jaw rest, rather than having to use irritating rolls of cotton. Also, it is a light source for oral cavities, giving our dentists and their assistants improved visibility. It self aspirates too, eradicating the need for washing and suctioning.

The Vizilite Plus System

This cutting edge tool facilitates screening for oral cancer. In just a couple of minutes, dentists can analyze and note any changes to a patient’s oral cells.

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